Friday, July 27, 2012

Tessa Berkley sits down to chat with PIP

Tessa: Hi, my name is Tessa Berkley and I'd like to thank the staff from Passion In Print for inviting me here today.

Colleen: Hi Tessa! Thanks for stopping by. Let’s get started. Do you recall the very first book you read that turned you on to romance/erotic romance books?

Tessa: I've always considered myself a devotee of the written word. From early childhood, I devoured the Nancy Drew Mysteries. But, as an adult, I read many traditional authors. One book that really stands out in my memory as leading me toward romance was Danielle Steel's Palomino. That poor tortured heroine, the action as she worked to overcome difficulties and find true love had me bawling, but it kept me up all night. From there, it was a journey finding more, craving that need for the happy ever after.

Colleen: Palomino was also one of my first favorite romances. Tell us, why do you write?

Tessa: A good question. People always ask why. The first answer that rolls of my lips is because I have to. It's not a question of why, but more of why not. Writing stories and creating scenarios in my own little world, leaded to dialogue in my head that had to be put down on paper. These stories may have been a way of dealing with being around my children all day long, creating a world in which adults speak. But, the stories I wrote took on life and became important enough to put down and give to others.

Colleen: What is your least favorite book you wrote? Why?

Tessa: Hm? Can't say that I have written a least favorite book.

Colleen: That is nice! I have certainly written stuff I that makes cringe! So for a harder question, what is your favorite book that you wrote?

Tessa: Well, I tend to fall in love with my heroes. I think my favorite right now is Texas Ranger Tyrone Calhoun Dixon from Tejas Conspiracy Incident at Cold Creek. His character is larger than life. He rides in and like the horse whisper - or in this case the widow whisper - helps the heroine, Lily Prentiss find her independence and awakens the sensual woman inside.

Colleen: Tyrone is a wonderful hero! Tejas Conpirarcy was release in June by us here at PIP. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed. So are you a plotter or pantser?
Tessa: Oy, now I'm in trouble. I swing from part pantser to part plotter I think. My stories often start with a single scene from some part in the novel or even a sentence that one of the characters utters and the wheels begin to turn. I'll construct a small blurb like you find on the back of the book, maybe even do a bit on a characters back story, then I begin writing. This has gotten me into a few corners from time to time. But luckily, I've some great friends who can talk me off the edge and help me through these blocks.
Colleen: Listen to music while you write? If so who?
Tessa: Like most authors, I enjoy listening to music when I'm working. My play list alternates between Broadway, Movies, and Country tunes. It's a wild list that can go from Daniel Radcliff in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying to The Band Perry's When I Die Young. Sprinkle in a bit of Zac Brown, Toby Keith, music from Camelot with Richard Harris and Vanessa Redgrave. My musical taste is eclectic as my reading. I love J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter, but despise the Twilight series. Love Suzanne Brockman's Tall Dark and Dangerous series, dislike Linda Laurel Miller's. Can't get enough of Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird. Hate Gone With The Wind, but admire Margaret Mitchell. Go Figure, I'm all over the place.
Colleen: What inspires you?
Tessa: I think the thing that most inspires me is the indomitable spirit of man. The human race seeks that higher calling, a justice, a need to do the right thing regardless of circumstances. We protect the innocent. Defend those that need our help according to our personal creed, which is why my stories involve cowboys and ranchers because they embody this spirit, that heart of an American.
Colleen: What do you have coming out next with Passion In Print Press?
Tessa: I'm coming out in August with a short story that is connected to a piece crafted by the wonderful Aliyah Burke. Her story is called Something Tangible. Mine is Unexpected Consequences. The heroes in these stories are half brothers who are pitted against one another in a test to see who can come out on top and win their father's company Midas Development. Asa Kingston is a wealthy developer whose assignment is to purchase a pristine island on Virginia's Eastern Shore. If he does so before his half brother Brett, Asa will win control. Asa is the 'golden boy', a cross between Brad Pitt and Robert Redford. It blows him away that Mallory Bennett, the heroine, wants nothing to do with him. It's not going to be easy. I won't tell who wins, you'll have to buy both books to find out.
Colleen: The suspense! Both are going in my TBR pile! What is your current story? 
Tessa: My current work in progress is a return to the Texas Rangers series. Tyrone's best buddy, Joaquin Balboa De Montanna is getting his own story. He's half Spanish, half Texican if you will. His family has hand long standing land holdings on the Texas side of the Rio Grande. For those of you who have read Tejas Conspiracy, he's the ranger that comes to Cold Creek impersonating the hired killer Wyatt Hayes.
It seems that Joaquin has found a very pregnant woman abandoned in the desert. This woman refuses to say why she was there or identify who left her behind. There's a world of mystery around this young Irish lass.
Colleen: Oh I can’t wait for you to finish this one! Lastly tell us what groups or social media networks can readers frequently find you posting and chatting in?
Tessa: I'm out and about on the internet. You can find me on twitter at: @tessa_berkley You can find me on Facebook at:
and at my website:
Drop me a line, say hello, let me know how you liked my stories. I love hearing from readers.


  1. Wonderful interview, Tessa!! Always fun to know how other authors work.

  2. Excellent interview, Tessa. I'm looking forward to more Texas Rangers stories!