Monday, January 13, 2014

May You Always by Aliyah Burke

Sometimes we know the most when we are young.

Holt Powers loves the Christmas holiday and this year he's reunited with the /one/ for him. She hates cold and hates Christmas, so what is Karma Whitfield doing in the snow covered land? Being purchased for charity and reunited with Holt for forty-eight hours.

Rediscovered Joy by Shyla Colt

Sparks leap between the two of them giving them the best present of all, love.

Ford Lincoln is an ex Pastor bitter and bent by the devastating plane crash that stole his wife and young brother. Raised in a home with abusive, drug addicted parents he's always played the role of protector. But when he discovered he could leave it all behind, he dedicated his life to doing better; bringing the two people he loved most, along with him. Depressed, and slightly intoxicated he revisits his old parish one night during the Christmas season, and discovers, someone with a need greater than his own.

Kerry Taige has seen the worst of life. Bartered to a Pimp to keep her mother's drug addiction fed, it was Ford's wife Trisha who helped her escape her old life. Laid off from her job with an eviction notice on her door and her ex Pimp, Tremaine, circling her like a shark, things are grim. Until Kerry enters her church at night, and receives a solution in the form of Ford Lincoln. Sparks leap between the two of them, jolting them both and if they're willing to battle their demons they may have the best present of all, love.

Silver Bells by Imari Jade

A rich fashion designer meets and falls in love with a candy maker from Louisiana.

Ex-fashion model turned designer Sterling Silver comes to the aid of Louisiana candy maker Bree Lafitte after she gets knocked down by a big dog while delivering a birthday cake to the home of one of his friends. Sterling sees the humor in the situation until he looks into the eyes of an African American goddess and he loses his heart to the southern beauty.

Bree loves her job as a candy maker. After agreeing to supply the desserts for Sterling's annual Christmas Gala, Bree finds herself up to her elbows in holiday orders and a handsome man vying for her attention. Will she follow her heart and get the man of her dreams?

Coming Home by Diane Merlin

Beth Morris learns that when beer and chocolate don't do the trick, a precocious cat can sometimes perpetrate a holiday miracle.

As a kindergarten teacher, Beth Morris is well acquainted with the need for patience and persistence. Yet neither one has done her any good when applied to her love life. She can't seem to work up a desire to date anyone other than Travis Wells, and he hasn't darkened her door for more than a year.

When a pounding on her door disturbs Beth's sleep in the middle of the night, she's shocked to see the only man she both craves and dreads seeing. Travis Wells stumbles through her door and back into her life with devastating effect.

Luckily, Dragon is on the job. If he has his way, a little holiday magic will turn Beth's life around and deliver her heart's desire.