Sunday, November 10, 2013

Calendar Boy by Helen Hardt

Sparks fly when an introverted erotica author meets her favorite cover model...but what exactly is he after?

Forty-five year old erotica author Stacy has always been an introvert, but when her favorite cover model corners her at a writers' conference, she swallows her inhibitions and teases him. Michael, thirty-six, knows his career as a model and stripper is rapidly coming to an end. He's here to find an attractive older woman to keep him in his customary lifestyle. Enter the lovely Stacy. As Michael helps her overcome her shyness, Stacy discovers the joys of life inside and outside the bedroom...until she discovers Michael's ulterior motive. She's nobody's sugar mama. Too bad for Michael, who might be in a little deeper than he thought.

The Cougar Club Volume 1 by Lizzie T. Leaf

Two books in One!
Barely Legal by Lizzie T. Leaf

Should Katherine set aside her feelings for Corin, a much younger man, and give her cheating husband, Rex, another chance?

Katherine, 50, never thought she'd fall for a younger man. Her best friend, Monique is the one who enjoys the hot, young, hunks. However, while in Las Vegas waiting for her divorce to finalize, she meets Corin. Young as he is on paper, he offers her more in and out of the bedroom than her, soon to be ex-husband ever did.

This is a re-issue of a previously published work.


The Cowboy and the Cougar by Helen Hardt

Cowboy Jack is everything Holly wishes why does she keep running away?

A hot time with a gorgeous young cowboy is just what the doctor ordered for forty-year-old Holly. But after a night of unbridled passion, she leaves discreetly. Life has other plans for her. After the best sex of his life, single father Jack isn't ready to give up his mystery woman. When he runs into her several months later, he pursues her relentlessly regardless of their eleven year age difference. Holly's life has changed since meeting Jack, and she's convinced she's not what he needs. Can her new friends at the Cougar Club persuade her to stop running? Or will she lose the best thing to ever happen to her?

This is a re-issue of a previously published work.

In The Name of Trust by Kendra Mei Chailyn

If Kiki isn't afraid to fight for her man, she could have everything she's ever wanted...

A year ago, Jackson Crenshaw met Kiki Henry at the gas station and was instantly smitten. They went on a few dates---a few beautifully, amazing dates, then Kiki disappeared.

Jackson Crenshaw is exhausted. After his best friend's wedding, he allows Cassius to talk him into going on vacation to Jamaica. Leaving the business in Cassius' capable hands, Jackson jumps on a plane and jetted off to Ochio Rios where he plans to do nothing but.

Born of Blood and Retribution by Liz Strange

The world's first vampire has come calling and she isn't happy....

After the brutal showdown with the Demarais and the reunion with Giovanni, Rachel is looking for nothing more than some peace and privacy. Harshika, the world's first vampire, has other ideas. She's not pleased with the immortal race as a whole, finding them weak and too "human". When called before her, the immortals are given an ultimatum: Submit to Harshika as her subjects or die.

Now Rachel and her old friends must join with new allies to discover Harshika's weakness...hopefully in time to gain freedom for them all.