Friday, June 27, 2014

HD March talks about the writing process

Hello everyone! Today sitting with us at Passion In Print is author HD March. Her novel, Wolfsong, was just released last week.  

Colleen- Good morning, thanks for taking the time on this hot, muggy day to stop by. Let’s get started! Tell me do you write every day? Do you have a writing desk or area that you prefer?

HD March - Yes, I have to. I’m compelled to get words down. They play around in my head until I put them onto paper. My favorite spot to write is my kitchen, comfortable and homely with my dogs. There’s no particular time to write, it’s when I can fit it in. It’s an addiction! I can’t go one day without putting pen to paper so to speak.

Colleen -What is your least favorite book you wrote? Why?

HD March - One that I never finished. It started off well and died along the way. It transcended writer’s block to forget it. If it bored me how could I expect it to go anywhere? I have too much respect for my readers to release that on them.

Colleen - Do your stories require research? Do you travel or just go to the library or Internet to gather your information?

HD March – Yes, the majority require research, whether it’s a tiny part or something quite in depth. It’s also one of my favorite parts of writing, I love it. My information is gathered exclusively from the web.

Colleen - What do you have coming out next with Passion In Print Press?

HD March - The follow-ups to Wolfsong Lullaby are Wolfsong Requiem and Wolfsong Soul.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Wolfsong Lullaby by HD March

Lyric discovers nothing is what it seems on Coral island, least of all its inhabitants, one wants to love her, the other destroy her.

Arriving on Coral Island Lyric discovers a world she never knew existed. Between the hot vampire Quest and wicked werelion Chaya she is in sexual heaven. But there is something that intends spoiling her fun. Lyrics presence has awakened an evil entity; the taking of her soul its target.

Only Quest stands in the way, but will his powers be enough to save her. Recalling the words that he'd fall in love, giving his heart, only to have his love snatched from him. That he'd face an eternity of pain, and Quest fears they are about to come true.

Murder by Succubus by Leona Bushman

Succubus versus the devil's son: who will win the fight for the soul mates' souls?
Kristen and Ken, high school sweethearts, reconnect over a dead body who turns out to be Ken's boss. Still, their feelings rise stronger than before.
Damian O'Brien's personal mission is protecting soul mates. Hell likes nothing better than stealing the souls of humans who are soul mates to be severed for all time. Damian lives to thwart his father, the leader of Hell.
Fighting a powerful Succubus and her high-level demons forces Damian to work with his father and angels. Can he save the soul mates without losing the one thing that keeps him safe from his father's clutches—Damian's human soul?