Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Holiday Release: The Alpha's Bride by Karenna Colcroft

When werewolf Alpha Justin Ruel learns that his mate Tareth McConnell is pregnant, he plans a Christmas surprise she'll never forget.

Werewolf Alpha Justin Ruel had believed he could never be a father, since werewolf females can't carry children to term. But his mate Tareth McConnell is human. Tareth fears telling Justin she's pregnant. They've known each other only three months, and although they're true mates, she worries that it's too soon for a child.

When Tareth confesses the truth to Justin, he's thrilled. Knowing that he will have a child is the best Christmas gift he could have received. And with his pack's help, Justin plans to make Tareth's Christmas just as memorable.

Holiday Release: A Christmas Hope by Kassanna

Hope Springs isn't looking forward to the holidays and would prefer to skip them all together. Left pregnant, she works long hours as a physical therapist to make ends meet. Through a twist of luck she inherits Lucas MacIntyre, the surliest of patients known to make his caregivers cry.

Lucas is an Afghanistan war vet who lost his leg and most of his personality in combat. He's miserable and doesn't care who knows it. Then he meets Hope with her infectious smile and soft voice.

Will they able to see beyond the hurt to realize they are exactly what they need for each other?

Monday, December 17, 2012

Holiday Release: 12 Day of Xanthus by Shyla Colt

Burned out from work and failed relationships, Violet O'Shea is in need of a break. A few weeks at the family cabin seemed like the cure all. Until a tan warrior built like a Viking crash lands his spaceship and ends up on her porch.

Xanthus has twelve days until his slave bands become inactive and freedom is gained from the Amazon queen he serves. After a life of being used for the pheromones that incite sexual pleasure Xanthus is amazed by the woman committed to helping him. Can he convince her their bond is more than a chemical response?

Holiday Release: Angela's Christmas List by S.G. Smith

All Angela Mancuso wants for Christmas is a mind-blowing-rock-your world orgasm, and she accidentally includes it on her family Christmas List.

Orgasm's during sex. Most women want them; few ever achieve them. Angela Mancuso has convinced herself that she is in the vast majority of women that will never have one during sex. Her apparently multi-orgasmic best friend tries to convince her that she can. Not only can she but they can be mind blowing-rock-your world ones. Her perfect in every other way lover hasn't succeeded so far but seems blissfully unaware.

While preparing her family Christmas list Angela impetuously includes One Mind Blowing Rock Your World Orgasm and then forgets to delete it. The result is a night that she will never forget.

Holiday Release: Snowy Carolina by Imari Jade

All song-writer Palin James wanted was to return to Piedmont, North Carolina, a place where she always felt safe. She planned to raise her future kids away from the hustle and bustle of city life. But her dreams could be shattered if construction owner Sean Nichols got his hands on her uncle's land.

Sean Nichols always dreamed of opening a winter resort on a patch of land owned by his deceased neighbor. He'd always thought his younger brother Pete shared his dream until Pete fell in love with the land's new owner. Was blood thicker than water? Or was love more powerful?