Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Sweet Road Back by Jacki Kelly

This music star can sing about love, but can he make his wife believe it?

Melissa Bellamy wants to be happy. She has a wonderful house in the heart of San Francisco, enough money to buy every designer dig she wants and a successful husband who makes women drool just by opening his mouth. But she's certain they are days away from divorcing and happiness is as elusive as her husband.

Darius Bellamy has hit his sweet spot. Fame, fortune and lots of fans. The only wrinkle in his plan is his wife. If she can just hold on until his newest release drops, he'll sweep her off her feet and make everything right.

There's only one thing wrong with his plan. He may have waited too long.

Penthouse Heat by Temple Madison

Judas Nyte, a paid escort who lost everything, ended up on a corner with a tin cup until a young woman offered him a job, not realizing his brazen good looks would cause a sensation in the corporate world.

She needs a secretary, but she hates the interviews, the paperwork, and all the incompetence she sees in each applicant.

And then he walks into her life.

He's big, beautiful, and smart as a whip.

But he has one flaw.

He slept his way into a fortune that he lost when he committed murder. By the time she finds out the truth he's already gotten under her skin, and to have him, she has to hide him among all the corporate big wigs. Can she pull it off? Or will his natural instincts take over and send them both careening down into the hot, sizzling world of kinky sex?

Eldan by Lillian Greenwood

Nicole's night gets interesting when she meets a man who is exotic, sexy, and strangely feral, but Eldan says he's the king of the Dark Fae, so she must find his truth and her own.

Nicole's hanging out at the club on a Friday night, when she meets the King of the Dark Fae. She's fairly sure he's just another Goth poser, but he has an unsettling sensual appeal that sends her senses reeling. Eldan is definitely exotic and foreign, and the sexiest man she's ever seen. That is, if he's a man at all, or even from her world. Nicole is going to have to decide if he's telling the truth, and find her own truth is along the way. How far into the world of glamour and magic can she go?