Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New Release: Beta Block by Karenna Colcraft

Can Brianna Wright overcome the demons of her past and create a new life with her true mate, Carlos Garza?

Candace Wright is new to the Boston North Pack and to Boston in general. Stalked by rogue werewolf Saul Hughes, who victimized her in her previous pack, Candace just wants to start a new life, beginning with a new name, Brianna. The moment City Pack Beta Carlos Garza meets Candace/Brianna, he knows he has found his mate. But can he help her overcome the demons of her past and escape from the control Saul Hughes still has over her?

(Men of City Pack Series)

New Release: Temporary Roomates by Lynn Cahoon

When a determined nurse and a hot intern find the perfect apartment, the same perfect apartment, they must find a way to share it for ninety days, without killing each other.

Annie Baxter has her dream job. Now, all she needs is a cheap apartment close to the hospital. Troy Saunders knows his life as an intern is all about the long hours. He doesn't have time to play doctor to some Nurse Barbie. So when his sister finds a great apartment walking distance to work and next to the best running paths in the city, he's sold. Two leasing agents, two prospective renters, one apartment. Can they co-exist without fireworks?

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Re-released: Adventures of the Soul

Working as a wedding coordinator? /Bah humbug./ Psy has worked along side her husband, Cue, in the love biz for millennia. Â She's finally had enough. No more Bridezillas and hated white cakes, she's ready for some excitement.

Too bad she forgot to be careful about what she wished for.

Apollo has gone missing and, according to her devious in-laws, finding him is Psy's job. With the help of her sexy husband, her irresponsible son, her wacky secretary, an amorous bird, and Zeus's favorite love slave, that is.

Sheesh. If Psy's life gets any more exciting, she might just lose her marbles.

This is a re-issue of a previously published work.

New Release: Rescue Me by Ann Brown

A woman running from humiliation and a man running from manipulation rescue each other with love.

A beautiful commoner, Angela, ever a victim, runs from shame, and is chased by rapists into an abandoned coal mine. A powerful aristocrat, Tom, trapped by familial obligations, refutes his father's wishes, and uncovers a nefarious scheme. The commoner and the aristocrat are forced together when an unfortunate accident blinds the nobleman. Angela nurses Tom in an abandoned mining barracks, and they fall in love. But...the evil greed of Tom's father intervenes, and throws the lovers into peril via manipulation, lies, and abduction. Angela and Tom are forced to move earth, literally and figuratively, for the sake of love.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Re-released: My Love Eternal by Liz Strange

Forever is a long time to live without love....

Love often appears at the most surprising times, and for Rachel it will be born from a world of darkness, violence and blood.

A chance encounter has led her to Giovanni and a love to live forever. Yet Giovanni's past continues to threaten their future, keeping them on the run across the world and against time. The Desmarais are powerful enemies, carrying on a centuries old vendetta and they will not stop until they have their revenge. Can their love survive?

This is a re-issue of a previously published work.