Sunday, December 21, 2014

Wolfe by H.D. March

Eleri discovers accidentally killing a powerful demon's son opens up all kinds of opportunities, mainly meeting her soul mate.

When hapless witch Eleri attempts a banishing spell she accidentally kills the son of high ranking demon Vine. Forced to flee her island home Eleri finds herself working for politician Frank Curtis where she meets up with sexy bodyguard Wolfe. Eleri realizes that he is the soul mate of her dreams. He wants her body, but she intends taking his heart. However when she attracts the unwelcome attention of Columbian drug lords Wolfe is forced to fight for her. Can he keep the crazy witch safe from harm, along with the threat of evil demon Vine when he discovers her whereabouts?

Monday, December 1, 2014

PIP sits down with Anita Jollivet-Giraud

Colleen: Good Afternoon! Today sitting down with us at Passion In Print is Anita Jollivet-Giraud. Let’s jump right in!  Do you recall the very first book you read that turned you on to romance books?

Anita: The very first romance book I read was by Georgette Heyer when I was about ten years old, I was so enthralled that I wanted to read all her books. Then I latched onto Mary Stewart and Barbara Cartland. The more erotic stuff came much later on when I read Johanna Lindsey followed by Kathleen Woodiwiss. After those two I regularly turned to a variety of romance authors.

Colleen: When you first start writing do you write from beginning, middle, or end?

Anita: I usually begin with a plot of some kind, then I move to chapter breakdowns and then finally to scenes. After I’ve done most of the legwork and research I then begin to write and I start at the beginning and move to the end. Then I go back and plump it all up.

Colleen: Do your stories require research? Do you travel or just go to the library/web to gather your information?

Anita: So far I’ve written about stories in places where I either live or traveled to, but I also research in libraries and on the web. I enjoy this process very much as I was a researcher before turning to writing novels.

Colleen: What is your current story? 

Anita: My romantic suspense named “Love in a New Dawn,” the first of a quintet, was just released by Passion in Print.
“Love in a New Dawn” is a contemporary romantic suspense ablaze with the flaming passion that encapsulates the clash of wills of two proud people: Lise Le Thierry the cloistered, idealistic, stubborn, beauty shrouded in mystery whose sense of moral rectitude can never be crushed –until she meets the one man whose sheltering arms made her reason fly. And Morne Louwe, the gorgeous, worldly, tall and muscular CEO of the family Louwe Diamond Mines, who rescues her, is repelled by her time and again, but who can never forget the night his soul was marked by the memory of a body ripe for love…

When I’m not involved in promoting that manuscript, I’m completing an earlier contemporary romance which I had begun some time ago and which will be part of a trilogy.

Colleen: What groups or social media networks can readers frequently find you posting and chatting in?

Anita: I’m new to the whole marketing game as I’m working on my first novel. I have started consulting with people who are far more web conscious than I am and have received a few tips. I’m working on building my Facebook Anita Jollivet-Giraud page. I have registered with MFRW, Pinterest, Twitter, Goodreads, my web page  and