Friday, November 30, 2012

ML Guida stops by for a chat

Colleen: Good Morning! Today sitting with us is ML Guida, author of Betrayal. Let’s get started. Do you recall the very first book you read that turned you on to romance/erotic books?

ML Guida: Yes, I do. The first romance/erotic book I read was Sweet Savage Love by Rosemary Rogers. I fell in love with Ginny and Steve’s story and devoured all of Rosemary’s books. I next got hooked on Johanna Lindsey’s books, but it was Sherrilyn Kenyon’s series that got me hooked on paranormal romance. 

Colleen: Ahh Sweet Savage Love is one of my first loves, too! Stole my mother’s copy. Maybe I shouldn’t put that in print, she usually reads my work! Let’s move on. Lots of writers find inspiration in other media, especially the music industry. Do you listen to music while you write? If so who?

ML Guida: No, I’m probably a terrible writer. I like to watch television, but it’s paranormal stories that help propel my writing. My favorite series to watch is Supernatural, written and produced by Eric Kripke. I love Dean and Sam Winchester, but like the Twilight series, there are two camps and I would be in Sam’s. What about you?

Colleen: Here we are opposite. I am a huge music fan, but don’t watch television very much. I have read Twilight, but never saw the movies. Not typical I know! Tell us about your current story.

ML Guida: I am currently working on the sequel to Betrayal, Angels of Death. This is Blade’s story of being punished and having to make amends. The heroine is Abigail Malcolm, the sister of one of Blade’s murder victims and his true angel mate. He must find a way to convince her to forgive him and save his brother before Hell’s newest invention changes Abigail’s brother and his adolescent friends into killing zombies.

Colleen: For some reason, I just love anything with zombies! Can’t wait to read this one! What groups or social media networks can readers frequently find you posting and chatting in?

ML Guida:  I’m on Facebook (MLGuidaauthor or ML Guida, Good Reads and Twitter (ml_mlguida). I also have a blog on my website:  I have to admit I probably use Facebook and Good Reads the most. Please stop by and see me.

ML Guida is currently pursuing a Master of Art in Creative Writing through Regis University. She resides in Colorado with her cocker spaniel. She enjoys walks, skiing, working out at the gym and watching my niece and nephews play sports.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Holiday ebook sale!

Passion in Print is having a holiday sale thru Dec. 31! 

 All stories  25K and lower are marked down to $2.99. So if you've been eyeing one, two, or more now is the time to pick them up!! Happy shopping!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

New Release: Unbound Goddess

Lilith, the First Woman, mistress of life, dark goddess of sex -- to be taken by her is to know the heart of deadly rapture.

Love, transcendent sex, death and revelation burst into the lives of occult book expert Siobhan Bishop and her lover Harvard Professor Richard Blake on New Year's Eve. Richard's mysterious daughter, who has become a modern incarnation of the goddess Lilith, attacks Richard when he and Siobhan are making love, plunging him into an occult death-fever. With the aid of two of Richard's oldest friends---a terminally-ill psychiatrist and a Christian nun---Siobhan struggles to break the spell binding Richard before his life burns away. By dawn of New Year's Day, death will claim two of these people, changing Siobhan's world forever.

New Release: Sweet Road Home

A house brought them together but will it tear their love apart?

Determined, Asa Conroy has moved back to Bristol to organize her life. The house where she grew up is just the place to take control of her future. But her happy return home is soon quashed when she finds out the house is slated for demolition by the same man that shunned her in high school.

Career-driven Simeon Harper is one construction project away from erasing his dysfunctional past and fulfilling his promises to his dying mother. When these two childhood friends collide will they be able to salvage their love or does it go down in the rubble?

New Release: Emerging Magic

Against her will, the Cailleach puts into play the magic to unite another pair of soul mates.

Loneliness drives Cori Sparks to chocolate. The fledging witch's desolation also compels her to attempt using her emerging magic in the quest for love. Unsuccessful, she turns to a dating website and discovers what may be her perfect match.

Rob Vesha is tired of the money hungry women he meets. Given his gene pool he doesn't think the real 'him' would excite them as much, but he can't share enough to find out for sure. On impulse he turns to the internet and discovers Cori.

Can their love survive his family reunion in Transylvania?

New Release: Free Me

An escaped convict, a woman falsely accused of patricide, finds unshakable love and devotion, and redemption.

Isabelle McAllister is incarcerated for murdering her father, and later transferred to an insane asylum. Robert Easterman is accused of thievery by his lover, and temporarily contained at an institution for the criminally insane. The two convicts escape, race through the countryside, and sequester themselves in a secret glade. Isabelle and Rob assuage angst in each other's arms. Twists of fate, deception, and family tragedy divide the lovers, but ultimately nothing deters the devotion of one man for an escaped murderess, and nothing deters the love of one small woman for the man who would dare to rescue her.

New Release: Warm Ways

A complicated woman meets an uncomplicated  Marine.

Linus is the youngest Lt.Col. in the entire Marine Corps, loyalty should be his middle name. He wouldn't mind a wife, some kids, and the whole package if only he had time to meet someone much less date.

Victoria is about as complicated as they come. Her life has been thrown into a tailspin, she wanted one moment of escape and she found a lifetime of love.

Sometimes falling fast and hard in love can be overwhelming. Thankfully, at least one of them is trained intense situations.

New Release: Unbreakable Heart

At some point in life, whether we notice or not, we change ourselves because someone or something has changed the meaning of life for us; for Caitlyn Rowland that person is Brandon Hadley.

Born with a rare genetic disorder, Osteogenesis Imperfecta, Caitlyn Rowland must overcome the challenges of it daily and thinks she will never find someone to accept her for who she is and see beyond the wheelchair and the brittle bones. That is until she meets Brandon Hadley and he shows her what love is all about. In their relationship Caitlyn has much to learn not only about Bradley but herself. When it all seems to finally go right an accident that has terrible consequences for Caitlyn might just tear them apart or will their love be enough to overcome it?