Sunday, November 18, 2012

New Release: Unbound Goddess

Lilith, the First Woman, mistress of life, dark goddess of sex -- to be taken by her is to know the heart of deadly rapture.

Love, transcendent sex, death and revelation burst into the lives of occult book expert Siobhan Bishop and her lover Harvard Professor Richard Blake on New Year's Eve. Richard's mysterious daughter, who has become a modern incarnation of the goddess Lilith, attacks Richard when he and Siobhan are making love, plunging him into an occult death-fever. With the aid of two of Richard's oldest friends---a terminally-ill psychiatrist and a Christian nun---Siobhan struggles to break the spell binding Richard before his life burns away. By dawn of New Year's Day, death will claim two of these people, changing Siobhan's world forever.

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