Monday, December 17, 2012

Holiday Release: Angela's Christmas List by S.G. Smith

All Angela Mancuso wants for Christmas is a mind-blowing-rock-your world orgasm, and she accidentally includes it on her family Christmas List.

Orgasm's during sex. Most women want them; few ever achieve them. Angela Mancuso has convinced herself that she is in the vast majority of women that will never have one during sex. Her apparently multi-orgasmic best friend tries to convince her that she can. Not only can she but they can be mind blowing-rock-your world ones. Her perfect in every other way lover hasn't succeeded so far but seems blissfully unaware.

While preparing her family Christmas list Angela impetuously includes One Mind Blowing Rock Your World Orgasm and then forgets to delete it. The result is a night that she will never forget.

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