Monday, July 2, 2012

Karenna Colcroft speaks on vegan werewolves and more

: We are starting off this month with an interview with Karenna Colcroft. Karenna, thank you for joining me during this holiday week! Your books are a great way to kick off summer reading! Let’s begin. First tell us why do you write?
Karenna: Basically I write because if I didn’t, I would probably go insane. I have so many characters and ideas in my head I have to write them down. I’ve also been through some really tough times in my life, and during those times writing literally kept me sane; I could shut myself away with my characters and escape from my situation for a while. Things are much, much better for me now, so now writing is just a way to quiet the voices in my head, LOL, and to hopefully give readers a good story.

Colleen: What is your favorite book that you wrote?

Karenna: I would have to say my favorite of my own books is my M/M novel Salad on the Side. I wasn’t sure I could write M/M romance or paranormal romance, but somehow I pulled off both, along with some humor and some action. And a gay vegan werewolf. My latest Passion in Print release, Beta Test, which just came out a couple weeks ago, is actually a spin-off of Salad on the Side, and the hero of Beta Test was introduced in Salad as a minor secondary character.

Colleen: I adore the idea of a vegan werewolf! What is your current story?

Karenna: Beta Test is a full-length paranormal romance novel, just released. Justin Ruel is the Beta of the City Pack, the largest werewolf pack in the northeastern United States. When he meets Tareth McConnell, he knows he’s found his true mate, but there’s a problem—Tareth is human, and humans aren’t supposed to know that werewolves exist. And someone is targeting the City Pack wolves, which means Tareth may be in danger.

Colleen: What groups or social media networks can readers frequently find you posting and chatting in?

 Karenna: I’m on Twitter,!/KarennaColcroft and Facebook, I also have a group on Facebook where readers can chat with me and each other, I belong to a number of Yahoo loops, including LoveRomancesCafe.

Karenna Colcroft is the alter-ego of a relatively shy and sedate wife and mother. She- well, her mild-mannered counterpart, at least- wrote her first story at the age of five, and was immediately hooked by seeing her imagination printed on paper. Throughout elementary, junior high, and high school, she continued writing, though was too shy to show her work to anyone. By the time she graduated college, she had written over 20 book-length manuscripts, all longhand. *Shudder*
In 2006, on a challenge from a friend, she wrote her first erotic scene and discovered a talent for erotic romance. She began posting her stories on a free site, where feedback encouraged her to continue and develop her skills. Karenna was offered her first publishing contract in January 2009. Her first book with Passion in Print was Shiny Objects. 

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  1. What an intriguing premise! Thank you both for an entertaining interview.