Sunday, June 23, 2013

New Release: Love and Murder in Red Satin by Karalee Long

When a marriage counselor accused of murdering her ex-husband unwittingly accepts help from a homicide detective set on proving her guilty, passion ignites amid flying bullets.

Allie Blair, a divorced marriage counselor accused of murdering her ex-husband, tries to prove her innocence but unwittingly accepts the help of the one man who wants to prove her guilt.

Greg Weston, a Denver homicide detective, vows to bring his cousin's accused murderer, Allie Blair, to justice. To win her trust, he signs up for a class she's teaching, "What Women Want."

When Allie becomes a target of the actual killer, her sizzling chemistry with Greg ignites into passion too hot to ignore. But Greg knows even if they survive, he'll lose Allie when she learns he's a cop.

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