Friday, June 14, 2013

Karalee Long talks about the writing process

Good afternoon, today sitting on the porch with us is PIP author Karalee Long. Welcome Karalee. Finally some sun! So on this gorgeous day why don’t you first start off by telling us why do you write?

Karalee - It's almost a cliche, but I write because I can't not write. I'm happy when I'm writing. Maybe that's because I want happy endings in real life as well as in fiction.

Colleen – Yes, if only we were all guaranteed a happy ending like in a good romance novel! So what kind of writer are you…a plotter or panster?

 Karalee - I'm a hybrid. I know where my story begins, I know some of the events along the way, but for the most part, I have to wait for my characters to tell me what they're going to say and do.

Colleen – So your characters have a mind of their own. I like that! Okay, you know where the story is going to begin, does that mean you write from the beginning? Or do you prefer the middle or end?

Karalee - I write from the beginning, and I can't begin writing a story until I get the opening, the names of the main characters—gotta have the names, and what their problems are—at least their external conflicts. I don't always know the ending except it will be a Happily Ever After (HEA).

Colleen – Absolutely need their names to start! You should always know what it’s in your characters' purse or wallet as well as what keeps them up at night. So tell us a little about your current story.

Karalee - I'm writing a contemporary paranormal romantic suspense featuring a heroine who is a wrong-man magnet with a cop for a big brother and a hero who is an English teacher just turned vampire with a conscience and doesn't want to kill people.

 Colleen –Sounds interesting. I think we all can relate to being a wrong-man magnet at one time or another! Luckily, I found the right-man magnet. What do you have coming out next with Passion In Print Press?

 My contemporary romantic suspense, Love and Murder In Red Satin, set in Colorado is scheduled for release June 15, 2013. My book features a marriage counselor suspected of murdering her ex-husband, a cop out for redemption and maybe a bit of revenge, a neat-freak killer, burned pancakes, and hot passion.

Karalee Long has been writing stories since second grade. Reading comic books taught her story structure while her imagination conjured characters to talk with and adventures to plot. She now writes romantic suspense and paranormal romantic suspense novels.

She lives at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains with her husband, an alpha male cockatiel who owns the family room, and Bad Boy Bones who came to visit at Halloween and now resides in the living room—without paying rent. She and her husband are blessed with a wonderful son, amazing daughter-in-law, and lovable grandson.

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