Sunday, September 21, 2014

Song of the Dragon by H.D. March

Raven's life changes dramatically when she meets her guardian fairy Elspeth, a sex starved kleptomaniac, along with the enigmatic Greylan.

Raven is convinced she's hallucinating when she meets her guardian fairy, Elspeth, and crude angel Troy. Sacked from her job, Raven drools over the stunning Greylan, who offers her a position. Her PA status is about to get very personal.

Greylan is determined to discover the identity of the slayer that threatens his island home. He has sworn to protect his people, and as the Dragon King he can do no less. Discovering Raven is from a line of dragon slayers he is convinced she is the one, and kidnaps her. However Greylan finds himself fighting not just for his island but for Raven.

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