Sunday, February 24, 2013

New Release: Kendra Mei Chailyn

If Jessa isn't afraid to beg forgiveness, she could make her wildest dreams come true.

Jessa Phillips has the life she's always dreamed of--a thriving weddinggown boutique, a loving sister and a wonderful brother-in-law. The only thing missing is the love of her life, Cassius Oppa. But her bubble is about to burst when her sister is in a severe car accident and on her death bed reveals a secret that changes everything.

The night his courtship of Jessa Phillips went horribly wrong, a young Cassius Oppa packed up, jumped on his motorcycle and fled the small town. After spending days homeless, he sold his family's prized guitar and joined the Air Force. Years later, he's out and living his dream when Jessa Phillips turns up on his doorstep. A storm is brewing and after, what will be left?

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